Sprit of the Plains - Australian Flute Music 1997-2013

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‘Spirit of the Plains’ is a beautiful collection of music for flute which reflects the rich diversity of Australian music. Twenty-one pieces have been selected for use in exams and recitals or just enjoyed for the beauty of the music.

Flute Christine Draeger & Lamorna Nightingale
Piano Jocelyn Fazzone
Sprit of the Plains (FWSOP)

1. Menteith (1997) Colin Brumby (6th grade AMEB)                                
2. Richard's Prelude (2012) Nigel Butterley                                              
3. Lament for passenger pigeons (2005) Christine Draeger  (7th grade AMEB)               
4. Aubade (2011) Christine Draeger                                                          
5. Yanada from Mystic Spring  (2006) Ross Edwards   (7th grade AMEB)                                                             
6. Johannes’ Dance Song from Mystic Spring  (2006) Ross Edwards  (7th grade AMEB)                      
7. Cooper’s Capers (2006) Andy  Firth                                                      
8. Journey to the East (2006) Sarah Hopkins  (5th grade AMEB)                                        
9. A Nostalgic Piece (2010) Elena Kats-Chernin                                      
10. Crossing Points iv (2012) Johanna Selleck                                        
11. Three for Two Flutes: mannasaettir ii (2013) James Humberstone
12. A Little Feather on the Breath of God (2002/2013) Anne Boyd        
13. Autumn Song (2005) Robert Constable                                              
14. Mystic Spring from Mystic Spring  (2006) Ross Edwards  (8th grade AMEB)
15. Ngala from Mystic Spring  (2006) Ross Edwards (8th grade AMEB)                                                                 
16. Nura - Ocean Idyll (2004) Ross Edwards   (A.Mus AMEB)                                          
17. Repetepetition (2008) Matthew Hindson                                            
18. Sonetos (2004/2013) Rosalind Page                                        
19. Dancing with Butterflies (2009) Michael Rosiak                                
20. Muj┼Ź  (2011) Lachlan Skipworth                                                          
21. *Spirit of the Plains (2013) Sally Whitwell   

For more details about composers and how to access sheet music please visit the
Australian Music Centre
*Special thanks to the following people for contributing towards commissioning Sally Whitwell to compose 'Spirit of the Plains'
Gus McPherson
Adrienne Alexander
Bethany Cool
Bridget Bolliger
Samantha Joseph
Vanessa Ropa
Melissa Farrow
Ralph Krinkle
Elizabeth Lecoanet
Martin Kay
Anna Coe
Louise Wadley
Cathy Wainwright
Janet McKay
Lisa Lewis
Nita Lawrie
William Jeffery
Melanie Walters
John Garran
Debb Merton
Meghan FitzGerald
hoon chee whitwell
Rebecca Davies
Cameron Lam
Jennifer Stephenson
Laura Peden
Virginia Taylor
Kate Tribe
Janet Lee Davies
Linda Bortolazzo
Tracey Fraser-Swatton
Stephen Marino
Rebecca Lloyd
John Gordon
Emilia Antcliff
Brett Forge
Windworks (Kellie Grennan)
Flutes & Flutists (David and Lyndie Leviston)
Flute Connections (Derek Galloway)
Flute Tree (Mark O'Connor)