Starting Out -  Tips, Traps and Troubleshooting for the Beginning Flute Teacher

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Starting Out -  Tips, Traps and Troubleshooting for the Beginning Flute Teacher
by Jude Huxtable and Jocelyn Fazzone

Starting Out is a pedagogical guide book for  beginning flute teachers. It contains a comprehensive collection of proven methods for teaching beginning and progressing students, based on decades of experience. Covering all aspects of teaching the flute in the early stages, the book presents numerous teaching tips, technical explanations and problem solving ideas for the teacher.

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- “This handbook for the beginning flute teacher is a “must have” reference book. I would thoroughly recommend it for not only the beginning flute teacher but for all flute teachers as there is so much useful and practical information.”
-“Every chapter concludes with Traps and Troubleshooting. This is certainly a fantastic inclusion in such a handbook as it offers ideas on how to go about fixing some of the problems that we as flute teachers encounter every day.”
Elizabeth Koch OAM ( Head of Woodwind & Performance, Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide)

-“I think I would be prepared to say that the book “Starting Out” is the best of its kind, but for one thing – it is the only one of its kind I have ever come across! It is not merely a book for beginner teachers, but a valuable resource for any flute teacher including those who have been teaching for years.”
-“I love its clarity, its commonsense, its scope and its wisdom….It is, in fact, a tutor for every tutor, not just for those who are “starting out”.
-“One feels eager at the prospect of starting a new chapter.”
Margaret Crawford (Head of Flute, Australian National Academy of Music, Melbourne)

-“I still remember the day I taught my first student….As I read Starting Out, I found myself wishing I had been given this pedagogical guide to read before teaching my first student”.
-“Drawing on decades of experience, Jude Huxtable and Jocelyn Fazzone clearly and simply walk you through the correct way to teach a new concept, followed by common problems and what to look out for.”
Lyndie Leviston (Australian Flute Festival Coordinator/Director)

-“At last a book dedicated to teachers! This is so rare and so needed. I have been searching for a book like this through all of my career!”
-“Posture, breathing, professional development, hand positions, group teaching, lesson planning are all discussed at length. This book should be on the University Syllabus”.
-“All flute teachers, young and old, will embrace this book with open arms!”
Prue Farnsworth (studio flute teacher, Melbourne)

The workshop titled "In The Beginning" for teachers of beginner flutists was conducted recently on a sunny Sunday in May by Jocelyn Fazzone & Jude Huxtable. It was based on the presenters’ recently published book called Starting Out: Tips, Traps & Troubleshooting for the Beginning Flute Teacher. Jocelyn and Jude are highly respected and much lauded Sydney- based flute teachers of students from beginners to tertiary level. They were inspired to write this very helpful book as the result of coming across one too many flutists with a smorgasbord of bad habits that could have been rectified by an observant and more knowledgeable teacher. The book has 16 chapters subdivided into three parts: 1) A brief description 2) Tips 3)Traps and Troubleshooting. The chapters include: The First Lesson, The Embouchure, Basic Posture and Body Balancing, Intonation, Lesson Planning and The Adult Beginner.
The workshop (as well as the book) took a systematic approach to the subject. The afternoon started off with why they had set out to write the book. It is their aim to assist beginning flute teachers in Australia, and the best way they thought would be to share their combined 60+ years of valuable knowledge and teaching experience so that the foundation of more beginner flutists is good and solid.
They went onto how to conduct the first lesson, then proceeded to discussing the embouchure. Not only were we advised on how to go about approaching this broad subject but both teachers had some great tips to share that they had worked out themselves or had been taught. Advice was given on the embouchure and low notes, thin lips, lip placement, intonation and dynamics. It was encouraging to hear for me as a relatively new teacher that each had changed their teaching approach over the years, and were still continuing to evolve their method of teaching, keen in their pursuit of excellence in flute pedagogy.
Following afternoon tea we went onto Tonguing, Lesson Plans and Braces. Questions were fielded to the presenters throughout the workshop and were answered generously. Attendees varied in teaching experience and all were invited to share their knowledge and experiences. There was a wonderful exchange of ideas, suggestions and experiences throughout the afternoon. The workshop was held at Sound Hub in Lane Cove. We were in a beautifully appointed, light-filled room, and host Derek Galloway had everything well organised.
I was touched by the generosity of these wonderful teachers and their interest and care in the future of flute pedagogy and performance in Australia.

Denise Farrelly