Flute music worth playing!

Fluteworthy have the perfect repertoire for students of every level! Our books are designed to be progressive so that as a teacher you have the confidence to turn the page in the lesson and know that the next piece will be appropriate. They cover a range of styles and expose students to the skills required for their specific level. Browse our Repertoire Collection and find a book perfect for your student. Our Recordings will also inspire you with great repertoire for you and your students to learn.

Recent Events - Fluteworthy Teachers Seminar

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On Sunday 1 Feb 2015 Fluteworthy presented a Flute Teachers Forum at Flute Tree. This was a wonderful opportunity for teachers to catch up over a cup of tea and get inspired for the year of teaching ahead.

Jocelyn presented her seminar on maximizing the potential of each of our budding flute stars!
The seminar focused on developing creative and effective individual lesson plans for the diverse range of students at intermediate level. It also presented practical routines for tone development, articulation, finger work etc and application of the exercises to appropriate repertoire. She has kindly shared her notes for the seminar for us to download.

Jocelyn, Christine and Lamorna also performed pieces from
Fluteworthy Repertoire Book 3 to inspire your teaching for the year ahead.

Thank you to Mark at
Flute Tree for hosting this event and taking the photos!

NEW to Fluteworthy in 2015

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Fluteworthy Repertoire Book 3

This NEW collection is perfect for the Grade 4-5 flautist. It includes 13 pieces from the AMEB manual syllabus.
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Lamorna's Beginner Clarinet Book.

Following the success of Lamorna's Beginner Flute Book and Lamorna's Beginner Saxophone Book, Fluteworthy are proud to announce the release of Lamorna's Beginner Clarinet Book
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Eat Chocolate and Cry

Now available to DOWNLOAD from CDbaby or iTunes.
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Fluteworthy on Youtube.

Christine, Jocelyn and Lamorna have recently video'd performances of repertoire from our new publications. This gives teachers the opportunity to explore potential  new repertoire to teach and for students to hear their pieces with the piano accompaniment. Sign up to our channel or just browse Youtube for performances. 

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Fluteworthy Repertoire Book 3
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