Lesson Planning by Jocelyn Fazzone

Given the enormous diversity of students, it is not always easy to come up with the ideal approach for every individual. The system which I have found works best for me is one that looks at multiple layers of considerations, with necessary flexibility appropriate to every person.

I start with three layers of concern.

1. Overriding Teaching Goal: Fulfil the aims of the student whilst maximising their potential and enjoyment.


Basic Principles: Keep it positive; Listen to everything that you assign; Keep track of work using a notebook; Avoid random photocopies

2 - Major Areas of Flute Study:

Breathing, Tone/control etc, Articulation, Fingerwork, Interpretation/style/expression, Music reading, Other (aural, general knowledge, ensemble skills etc), Fun

3 - Exercises/studies/pieces which can be interchanged & adapted to the needs of every particular student. 

Once these 3 layers are established, it is essential to look at the 3 variable considerations for the students:

1. The  impetus behind the students’ learning: School band, peer pressure, love of learning, parental pressure, future career path and relaxation.

2. The short term goals, such as exams, performances, auditions or even just the next lesson.

3. The individual characteristics of each student, including: age, previous experience, gender, personality type, best learning pattern, attitude, physical suitabilities, weaknesses, lesson length and  practise length.

The lesson plans are therefore under the umbrella of the 3 layers; and then subject to each of the 3 variable areas. The planning will be flexible with the changing requirements of the student, & also with the student’s response to the lessons!

Wishing you all the very best in the teaching studio in 2017!