Lamorna's Beginner Flute Book and Repertoire for Beginner Flautist review Margaret Crawford Review

It’s not often that you find a flute tutor that qualifies as a “page-turner” as well! Once you’re through the graphic and entertaining introductory first chapter (yes, like a book it’s actually got chapters – five of them!) you find a charming collection of melodies ranging from Purcell to Schubert and from Beethoven to the Blues. These are mixed in delightfully with folk-songs and traditional melodies from many different countries and some pieces especially composed for this book. Everything is ordered in such a way that it will certainly leave one eager to discover what is over the page. As well there are sections dedicated to the theory of music, short tests, exercises and five “report cards” for the teacher to fill in, which I am certain would help to give the student a sense of achievement.
The accompanying book, Repertoire for the Beginner Flautist is similarly a collection of short pieces from an enormously wide and varied ranges of sources, with one thing in common that they all really worth while musically – attractive and memorable.
And for a real page-turner, only this time over a number of years, the “99 Solos and Studies for Flute” cover every stage of a flute player’s development from year one to the most advanced level. What a treasure-trove of items! As well as studies there are sets of variations, fantasies, caprices and virtuoso solos from many different sources and they all with one thing in common – they are all hugely enjoyable as well as educational.

Margaret Crawford. Head of Winds, Australian National Academy of Music