Starting Out review Elizabeth Koch

This handbook for the beginning flute teacher is a ‘must have’ reference book. I would thoroughly recommend it for not only the beginning flute teacher but for all flute teachers as there is so much useful and practical information.

Jocelyn Fazzone and Jude Huxtable are experienced teachers, having taught students from beginning to tertiary levels. They are passionate educators and this book is a demonstration of this and their ideals of achieving excellence.

What I am so impressed with in this book is how the authors have taken so much care and consideration to cover all aspects of flute teaching from topics such as The First Lesson, Embouchure, Group Lessons, The Adult Beginner, The Advancing Student and very importantly a section on Professional Development ideas. This is such a useful chapter considering that many studio teachers are isolated in their teaching studios and Jocelyn and Jude have listed numerous ways to “keep up to scratch”.

The main aspect that is so commendable is that Jocelyn and Jude offer advice and Tips on topics including Breathing, First Notes, Tonguing, Intonation, Motivation and Lesson Planning. Every chapter concludes with Traps and Troubleshooting. This is certainly a fantastic inclusion in such a handbook as it offers ideas on how to go about fixing some of the problems that we as flute teachers encounter every day.

Elizabeth Koch OAM
Head of Woodwind and Performance
Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide