Starting Out review Prue Farnsworth

I have been a studio flute teacher for 30 years, and have always felt totally alone and left to my own devices, having completed a Bachelor of Music (Melb) and gained a Post Grad diploma (VCA) . Very little time was allocated to "how to teach" within these performance courses. Sad, because this is our bread and butter once out in the real world. Professional isolation is exactly what I have felt, and yes no authoritative body is supervising our work. At last a book dedicated to teachers! This is so rare, and so needed. I have been searching for a book like this through all of my career! The authors experience is lengthy and varied. What an inspiring attitude to be "setting a student up for a lifetime of playing", in that first lesson. Obviously the authors adore their profession and wish to pass on this enthusiasm and love for teaching and the flute. I love the Traps and Troubleshooting sections. The book is so incredibly easy to read, is well set out, the print not too small, spiral binding is so functional. All possible aspects of the things a teacher will be confronted with are examined. What excellent preparation for a teacher new to the art. From warnings about braces and the specific approaches to tone production in this case, to advice on band music (one of my gripes) and how all too often kids are plunged into flat keys and extreme registers before they are ready. Posture, breathing, professional development, hand positions, group teaching, lesson planning are all discussed at length. This book should be on the University syllabus. 
All flute teachers, young and old, will embrace this book with open arms! 
Thanks for the opportunity to discover this book.

Prue Farnsworth
Private Music Teacher - Melbourne