Tango and All That Jazz

Tango and All That Jazz


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Janet Webb flute, Jocelyn Fazzone piano

Tango and All that Jazz combines classical ideals of flute composition and performance with the "feel good" ambiance of jazz music. 

Janet and Jocelyn have worked closely with the three composers of the music on this cd. All the works here  by the Australian composer, Andy Firth, were written for, and in conjunction with, Janet and Jocelyn. Many of the works on this recording are listed on the New 2013 AMEB Flute Syllabus (check syllabus for details)

Andy Firth - Treacherous Tango L.Mus AMEB
Gary Schocker - Airborne L.Mus AMEB
Andy Firth - Tycho, Tycho, Tycho
Gary Schocker - Soliloquy
Andy Firth - Take the "A" Train
Gary Schocker - Nightblooming from "Green Places"
Mike Mower - Sonata Latino L.Mus AMEB
Gary Schocker - Springsongs 6th Grade AMEB
Gary Schocker - 3 Dances for 2 flutes