Repertoire Book 3

Repertoire Book 3


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Backing Tracks for AMEB listed pieces

This collection is perfect for the Grade 4-5 flautist. It includes 13 pieces from the AMEB manual syllabus, some old favourites including Anderson's 'Scherzino' and Telemann's 'Les Plaisirs' plus lots of great new finds which we are sure you will enjoy teaching and playing.

GUILIANI- Serenata
PARADIS - Siciliana
TRAD. - Chinese Folk Songs
ANDERSEN - Scherzino (Grade 5 List C)
ANDERSEN - Thema mit Variation
TAFFANEL - Allegretto (1890) (Grade 4 List C)
SIVORI - Sans Parole
DRAEGER- Dream of Sweden
SHERIDEN - Andantino for Flute and Piano (Grade 5 List D)
TELEMANN - Les Plaisirs (2nd mvt from Suite in A Minor) (Grade 4 LIST B)
TELEMANN - Sonata in Canon in B flat Major (TWV 41B3) (Grade 5 LIST B)
TELEMANN - Sonata in F Major (TW41 F2) (Grade 5 LIST B)
QUANTZ - Vivace (3rd mvt from Sonata in B flat op 1 no 2) (Grade 4 LIST B)
WIDOR - Pavane (Grade 4 List C)
REINECKE - Schone Maiennacht, wo die Liebe wacht! (Grade 5 List C)
POPP - Rondo. (3rd mvt from Sonatina no.1 Op. 388) (Grade 5 List C)
MOZART - Rondo (Grade 5 LIST B)
DONJON - Pipeaux
HOLLAND- Romantic Song (Grade 3 List C)
KATS-CHERNIN - A Nostalgic Piece
CHAMINADE - La Morena, Caprice Espagnol
HAYDN - With Verdure Clad (from 'The Creation')
JACOB - On a Summer Evening (Grade 4 List C)
ABREU - Nao Me Toques...
ABREU - Tico tico

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