Eat Chocolate and Cry

Eat Chocolate and Cry


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Christine Draeger and Lamorna Nightingale flute, and Jocelyn Fazzone piano

Eat Chocolate and Cry celebrates the surprising diversity of new Australian flute music. 

Featuring the exquisite musicianship of flautists 
Christine Draeger and Lamorna Nightingale and pianist Jocelyn Edey Fazzone, this recording will be of particular interest to flute teachers and students but is also a lovely selection of Australian miniature pieces, that will be valued by the discerning music lover. 

The 15 pieces are all suitable repertoire for presentation by NSW HSC performance students for the Mandatory Topic: Music of the last 25 years (Australian Focus). 


Matthew Orlovich Flights of Fancy (2006) *
Tim Dargaville Invisible Dance (2006) * 
Ross Edwards Jerry's Dance Song (2005) from Mystic Spring *  
Ross Edwards Arabesque (2006) from Mystic Spring *  
Ross Edwards Earth Song from Nura (2004) *  
Maria Grenfell On a moonlit night... (2000) * 
Christine Draeger Promenade from Conference of the birds (2001)
Damian Barbeler  Confession 2 (2006) *
Katy Abbott Autumn Song (2001) * 
Gordon Kerry Silver-Point (2000) 
Graeme Koehne Garden Scene from 1914 (2001) * 
Jane Stanley Firefly (1999) * 

Alan Holley Rosella (1999)  
Jan Preston Eat Chocolate and Cry (2006)  
Elena Kats-Chernin Eliza Aria from Wild Swans (2002) * 

* Pieces are listed on the AMEB Flute Syllabus. Please check the AMEB syllabus for grades.

This recording is available as a hard copy CD or for download through CDbaby or iTunes 

You can listen to clips of the tracks below.