Lamorna's Beginner Flute Book

Lamorna's Beginner Flute Book


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by Lamorna Nightingale

Lamorna’s Beginner Flute book introduces students to the key concepts of playing the flute and develops sight-reading, rhythm, and musical creativity in clear logical steps. 

Featuring a layout and notation that is large and clear, Lamorna’s Beginner Flute Book first introduces the notes B, A and G and progresses intuitively to B flat major. In this way students understand the basis of excellent flute technique and gain the skills to play with confidence in the school band system. 

Aural skills and theory are incorporated into the learning strategy through the use of games, simple tasks and quizzes. 

Duets introduce ensemble skills, encourage rhythmic security and good intonation. 

Report Cards at the end of each chapter connect parents to their child’s learning process and demonstrate their achievements.
"I saw the success last year (of Lamorna's Beginner Flute Book) and love it! …Hopefully you can spread the word to other band directors to start the beginner flutes that way as well as I find it works in really well with your book! and keeps the kids interested in playing the flute in a band! Again great work with the book!"
Dan Murphy. School Band Conductor

"Lamorna Nightingale has provided a much needed flute tutor book which is ideally suited to the growing number of beginner flute students playing in band programs. The challenges of playing concert band music in mostly flat keys on an instrument that is intrinsically oriented towards sharp keys is soundly addressed at a pedagogical level in Lamorna's Beginner Flute Book. Lamorna begins with the flute friendly notes of B, A and G, adds Bb and Eb at appropriate stages and seamlessly incorporates pieces with both sharp and flat key signatures. Lamorna's Beginner Flute Book has provided an invaluable bridge between traditional flute tuition and concert band repertoire. I am also thrilled with Fluteworthy's 99 Solos and Studies for Flute and look forward to seeing it as a standard text on syllabus lists."
Jane Rayner, ACT Instrumental Music Program teacher and ANU School of Music flute pedagogy teacher.